Western Sydney Area Health Service

"The vending machines are kept clean and stocked at all times and response times to any service difficulties is excellent. The management team of the company is most willing to assist with any queries and are pro-active in giving sound advice in promoting saleable items from the machines. Commission cheques are paid on time and are accompanied with a breakdown on each machine and service performance. An additional benefit of Custom Vending is that they are able to provide vending machines that promote healthy food and drinks and this information is clearly displayed on the cabinet of the machine. Our organisation has found that this has greatly enhanced the service by promoting healthy foods"

Star City and Tabcorp

“In my experience with Custom Vending, they have been a passionate supplier who works hard to deliver the desired outcomes of Star City. The customised vending solution is closely linked with the customer loyalty system that Star City operates. Due to the complex nature of this requirement, close co-operation between our respective IT teams has been required in order to deliver this customised solution to our high standards.”

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

“Custom Vending have provided us with outstanding and prompt service and provide the latest in technology. Machines are serviced and filled around the clock and the customer focus and service is forthright and honest.”

Legion Cabs

“Our base operates 24 HOURS-7 DAYS A WEEK and until Custom Vending took over as our vending operators, we found it difficult to find a vending company that could deliver the type of service that our site requires. The coffee machine in particular is completely dismantled and cleaned on a regular basis”

Nestle Australia

“Custom Vending are leading innovators”